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Arez Titanium is back with what promises to be a new and improved performance

modern hardcore nutrition arez titanium

After announcing its return in early March, Modern Hardcore Nutrition has brought back the popular version of its pre-workout Arez Titanium, but with a different set of ingredients compared to when we saw it last. The supplement is available first through the brand’s website, where it is also currently on sale, discounted down from $50 by about 15% to $42.99.

Modern Hardcore Nutrition has packed slightly more servings per tub in Arez Titanium than the regular Arez at 25 instead of 21. It has a different set of flavors to choose from as well, with a total of three in Tropical Wave, Dragon Punch, and the strawberry lime concoction Slime.

As for the formula behind Modern Hardcore Nutrition’s version of Arez Titanium, the brand has not added the facts panel to its website or social media. The only ingredients we know of in the formula are the highlights listed on the front of its tub with 3g of pure citrulline, 3.2g of beta-alanine, 2g of an unknown form of creatine, and a reliable 350mg of caffeine.

The combination of ingredients in Arez Titanium promises a new and improved performance compared to its predecessor, aiming to support energy, mental focus, and muscle pumps. Once again, the supplement is now available for purchase through the Modern Hardcore Nutrition website at $42.99 and it is being promoted as a limited-time product.