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Morphogen tackles rest and fat loss with premium ingredients in Somagen

morphogen nutrition somagen

Quickly following its teaser, Morphogen Nutrition has revealed and released its long-awaited, hybrid nighttime supplement, Somagen, first mentioned back in May of last year. Like most nighttime products, Somagen aims to help you rest, relax, and get better quality sleep, while the other half of its hybrid angle aims to support weight loss, all in a Honey Lemon Lavender-flavored powder.

Like Morphogen Nutrition’s many other supplements, Somagen features a variety of ingredients to deliver its multi-benefit experience, including 3g of glycine, 250mg each of apigenin and lavender, and a gram of taurine. There are also the premium ingredients in 15mg of SaffSerene saffron for mood, half a gram of Zylaria to support sleep, and another half a gram of Mitoburn for fat loss.

Altogether, as mentioned, Morphogen Nutrition’s Somagen aims to improve quality of sleep and weight loss, with other supporting benefits such as appetite control, better carbohydrate tolerance, anti-anxiety, and enhanced mood and cognition. The product is available now through the brand’s online store for its usual premium supplement price of $48 for a bottle of 30 full servings.