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Myprotein drops a family of vitamin-infused health and wellness drinks

myprotein myvitamins beverages

Yesterday we posted about Myprotein turning its protein RTD, Vegan Protein Water, into a refreshing, sparkling, canned version with a little less plant-based protein at 6g per can. It turns out that product is not the only new beverage the international brand has introduced this month; in fact, it has a whole bunch of others under its spin-off Myvitamins collection.

Myprotein has revealed and released four other Myvitamins drinks, all sparkling waters infused with a similar blend of vitamins and minerals, and additional ingredients to give them their own points of difference. There is Defence built to support your immune system and features white tea, and Glow with vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, and grapeseed for beauty benefits.

Myprotein’s other two Myvitamins beverages are Recharge featuring ginseng and vitamins to help with tiredness and fatigue, then finally Focus, combining its multivitamin blend with a solid 1.32g of lion’s mane. No matter which drink you grab, they’re all nutritionally friendly, packing 1.1 to 1.3g of carbohydrates, no sugar or fat, and 4 to 6 calories per can.

Myprotein’s Defence, Glow, Recharge, and Focus sparkling waters under its Myvitamins brand, are all now available through its website, each of them with just one flavor to choose from. The price of each of them through is also the same at £2.99 (4.22 USD) for a single 330ml can or £15.99 (22.55 USD) for a case of half a dozen.