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Vegan Protein Water now comes in a sparkling canned version

myprotein sparkling vegan protein water

It wasn’t that long ago we saw Myprotein or Myprotein’s plant-based brand Myvegan, introduce Vegan Protein Water, a much lighter and leaner plant protein RTD compared to its Vegan Protein Shake. The supplement was introduced in a pair of refreshing fruit-based flavors, not the usual milkshake type tastes chocolate and vanilla, with Lemon Lime and Strawberry.

Myprotein and Myvegan have now turned Vegan Protein Water into a sparkling canned beverage, also named Vegan Protein Water. The product comes in two very similar flavors in Lemon and Lime and Mixed Berry. The nutrition profile is quite a bit different, with one can packing 6g of protein from hydrolyzed pea protein, zero fat, 1.9g of carbohydrates, and 33 calories.

The sparkling Vegan Protein Water is available now through Myprotein’s online store, and it’s not all that expensive at £2.99 (4.22 USD) per can or £13.49 (19.02 USD) for a pack of six. Both options also qualify for the brand’s Impact Week sale, where you can use the coupon “IMPACT” and save 45%, which drops a can to £1.64 (2.31 USD) and a case to £7.41 (10.46 USD).