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Alice Andreasson gets her own flavor of SSN’s Alpha Pump for a limited time

orange mango alpha pump

Svensk Sport Nutrition, which translates to Swedish Sport Nutrition, and is more simply known as SSN, has teamed up with its athlete Alice Andreasson for a special edition flavor of its pre-workout. While we have seen athlete collaborations many times over the years, they’ve definitely become a lot more popular in the last couple, with SSN being the latest.

The Sweden-based supplement company has partnered with Alice Andreasson for a Mango Orange flavor of its comprehensive pre-workout Alpha Pump, although the option is not going to be on its menu for good. SSN is releasing its collaboration with Andreasson as a limited edition launch, with only a small amount of units being produced at a total of 500.

SSN is making its Mango Orange Alpha Pump pre-workout available for purchase tomorrow, and when you see it, you’ll want to get your hands on it as quickly as possible; as mentioned, only 500 have been produced.

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