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Peak Performance expands its strong reputation into intra-workout

peak performance labs nuclear intra

Since its debut, Canadian brand Peak Performance Labs has made quite the impression, mostly due to how packed out its supplements are and the facts it’s a fresh new company. Peak Performance now has a strong selection of products on the market, from its powerhouse Nuclear Pre through to its recently released muscle building formula Nuclear Power.

Today Peak Performance Labs furthers its reputation and selection once again, with the introduction of an all-new intra-workout supplement in Nuclear Intra. It is as loaded as all of the brand’s other products and combines together a hefty 32g of active ingredients to support hydration, endurance, performance, and recovery thanks to its solid dose of EAAs.

peak performance labs nuclear intra

In one serving of Nuclear Intra, Peak Performance Labs includes 20g of carbohydrates, half from HBCD and half from maltodextrin, electrolytes for hydration, and a combined 9g of all nine EAAs. There are also four other features rounding out the formula to further help with performance in ornithine, carnitine tartrate, agmatine sulfate, and coconut water.

Nuclear Intra is a good fit for Peak Performance Labs and a suitable first entry for the brand into the amino market, as until now, it didn’t have any kind of amino in its lineup. Peak Performance is taking pre-orders for its amino and carbohydrate-powered intra-workout today through its website at $64.99 (53.63 USD) for a tub of 20 full servings in a Lemonade flavor.