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Per4m introduces its Candy Collection with Aero and Bueno-inspired flavors

per4m whey candy collection

In the last couple of weeks of the month of May, UK brand Per4m is releasing another series of flavors for its flagship protein powder Per4m Whey, something we saw last year with the Chocolate Lovers Collection. This time around, the brand has put together the Candy Collection, a set of flavors inspired by popular and, of course, delicious candy bars.

To start, Per4m has just two tastes in its Per4m Whey Candy Collection, with Minty Chocolate, based on the bubbly Mint Chocolate Aero candy bar, and White Chocolate Hazelnut, based on White Chocolate Bueno. Once again, the brand is rolling out both before the end of the month in its local UK market in both of Per4m Whey’s tub sizes, 900g and the larger 2kg.

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