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Original refrigerated protein snack now comes in a vegan-friendly flavor

perfect snacks dark chocolate chip coconut perfect bar

High-protein snack brand Perfect Snacks has introduced a new flavor of its original refrigerated protein bar, the Perfect Bar, and this one is quite a bit different from all of its others. As far as we know, the latest product from the brand is its first-ever vegan-friendly flavor, which doesn’t feature whole egg powder or non-fat dry milk, like its other Perfect Bars.

The flavor of Perfect Snacks’ all-new Perfect Bar option is Dark Chocolate Chip Coconut made with peanut butter, honey, rice protein, whole foods, and of course, dark chocolate and coconut. The macros on the product include 12g of protein, 21g of carbohydrates with 13g of that sugar and 5g fiber, 23g of fat, and 320 calories, so a typical Perfect Bar nutrition profile.

Perfect Snacks’ vegan-friendly Dark Chocolate Chip Coconut Perfect Bar is available now through its online store at It is one of the brand’s higher-priced flavors of the protein snack, the same as Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp, at $29 for a box of eight or the slightly more cost-effective option of $72 for times more at 24 bars.