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Comprehensive Performance Inspired-Bar relaunches with better taste and texture

performance inspired bar 2

Mark Wahlberg’s brand Performance Inspired has recently released a new and improved version of its high-protein snack, now appropriately named the Performance Inspired-Bar 2.0. The brand not only promises better flavor and taste but a softer and smoother texture, making for what sounds like a better experience all around, all while staying balanced and high in protein.

There are two relatively straightforward flavors available for the Performance Inspired-Bar 2.0 with Chocolate and Peanut Butter, and they’re in stock now on the brand’s website at $35.89 a box or two for $53.82. The macros on the flavors are about the same as each other, with 20g of protein, 28g of carbohydrates (10g net carbs), only 2g of sugar, 12 to 13g of fat, and 260 to 270 calories.

performance inspired bar 2

Performance Inspired’s renewed protein snack does have a bit more to it as well, outside of the balanced nutrition profile. Alongside Performance Inspired-Bar 2.0’s main ingredients of whey and milk isolate for protein, IMO, peanut butter, and dark chocolate, you get 4g of clean MCTs, a gram of inulin prebiotic fiber, and probiotics providing one billion CFUs to support gut health.

The improved Performance Inspired-Bar 2.0 is a comprehensive protein bar, providing you with a good amount of protein and carbohydrates and a few features for additional benefits. Once again, you can purchase Performance Inspired’s updated snack with better taste and texture through its website, and if you like the two-box deal at $53.82, you’ll need to move quickly as it’s a limited-time offer.