Supersonic Freak will be a 2-in-1 product for a customizable experience

May 12th, 2021
pharmafreak supersonic freak

PharmaFreak has shared an update on its intriguing new Red Label Series pre-workout supplement, Supersonic Freak, which we got a first look at a few weeks ago at the beginning of April. In that initial teaser, all we found out was that Supersonic Freak is a pre-workout featuring a variety of ingredients to enhance mental focus as well as increase muscle pumps.

The latest from PharmaFreak regarding its Red Label Series product is that inside a box of Supersonic Freak are two separate supplements. The reason behind that is the brand is promising a unique, customizable experience, where you presumably get to have more of one or less of the other product to customize the pre-workout stack to your liking.

We’re not entirely sure what separates the supplements inside Supersonic Freak, although based on the brand saying it’s built for focus and pumps, our guess is one is for focus and the other pumps. It sounds like a two-in-one pre-workout, similar to what you get with brands that have stackable pre-workouts, although in this case, they’re sold in the one box.

PharmaFreak is currently aiming to have its now even more intriguing Supersonic Freak pre-workout out and available within the next few months, so it is still a while away, but we’ll have more information when that launch gets closer.