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Lower calorie peanut butter Professor Nutz is launching a chocolate flavor

professor nutz chocolate

Professor Nutz is the unique peanut butter from Anabolic Designs, which is infused with fat and carb blockers that the brand says essentially block the digestion of its fat and carbs. Since the launch of the product, Anabolic Designs has updated its label to show both the macros factoring in the ability of the blockers and what it calls the “uncorrected” nutrition profile.

We’ve got Anabolic Designs and its creative Professor Nutz peanut butter in the news again this week because this weekend, the brand is releasing a second flavor for the product. Since its debut, fans have only been able to purchase Professor Nutz in straightforward peanut butter, although this weekend, Anabolic Designs is releasing a flavor called Nutz About Chocolate.

If you couldn’t guess by the name, the Nutz About Chocolate Professor Nutz is indeed a chocolate-based flavor, featuring all of the great features of the original product with a rich chocolate taste. From what we know, you’ll be able to purchase Nutz About Chocolate first through the low-calorie peanut butter’s official online store, where a jar costs $15.99 each.