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Professor Nutz revamps its peanut butter and shares its uncorrected macros

professor nutz peanut butter

Professor Nutz has revamped its all-natural peanut butter with an improved formula and flavor that is still promoted as incredibly low in calories. The look of the product’s jar and taste are all that appear to be different, although it does have one other interesting new feature.

As you can see in the image above, Professor Nutz peanut butter now has a much more colorful design as well as a slightly more fun layout of information. The new product’s flavor is also said to be an improvement providing an even creamier consistency as well as smoother texture.

The nutrition profile of the low-calorie peanut butter does appear to be pretty much the same with 7g of protein, zero carbohydrates and fat, and 28 calories per ounce. The reason it has zero carbs and fat, is that it is said to have a special formula to help your body digest everything differently.

professor nutz peanut butter

As for the one new feature for Professor Nutz peanut butter, it now also lists its macros without taking into consideration the digestibility benefit. That profile still consists of 7g of protein, and instead of zero carbs and fat it has 6.47g and 16g respectively, and a much higher amount of calories at 200.

You can read more about the revamped Professor Nutz product over on its website at, where you can also purchase the peanut butter. A full jar of the new release in the one Old School Smooth flavor will cost you $15.99, or you can grab four jars and get them for $15 each.