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Reputable brand Purge gets into muscle building with its all-new AnabolX

purge anabolx

The always well-formulated brand Purge, which has been known to put together solid formulas with hefty dosages since its inception, has been slowly adding new categories to its lineup over the years. It has gone from its original pre-workout to aminos with BCAAX, weight loss with ThermX and RiptX, a second pre-workout in HypeX, and now it’s taking on another popular category.

Purge is introducing its all-new muscle-building supplement this week with AnabolX, powered by four key ingredients to increase strength, improve muscle recovery, and overall, help build lean muscle. The product wraps its four ingredients in a simple, single-capsule serving size, which the brand does say can be taken up to two times a day, with one being the regular amount.

Every serving of Purge’s AnabolX packs 200mg each of epi-androsterone and longjack, and 100mg each of DIM and Laxopure branded laxogenin. Those dosages are based on the supplement’s single-capsule serving, so if you decide to push AnabolX to its maximum and take the full two capsules, you can simply double all of those numbers mentioned, such as 200mg of epiandro.

Purge’s online store at is one of the first places stocking AnabolX and at a price of $79.99 a bottle. Each of those bottles has the usual 30 servings, but touching on that maximum double serving again, if you do go that route and take two a day, those 30 servings will only see you through 15 days.