PVL launches its hyped pre-workout DOMIN8 alongside some strong sales

pvl domin8

Today is the day for PVL, as it is finally launching its highly anticipated pre-workout DOMIN8, hyped as the brand’s biggest launch in company history. DOMIN8 is a pre-workout supplement featuring a selection of reliable dosages of effective and reliable ingredients to support pumps and performance, as well as the stimulatory benefits of energy and focus.

PVL DOMIN8 has 12 key ingredients, all open and transparently dosed, and led by the heaviest feature of the lot with citrulline malate at 8g in its maximum full scoop serving. That is not all the brand has included to help enhance pumps with Nitrosigine in the mix as well, at half a gram, and beta-alanine, Himalayan pink salt, Aquamin minerals, and taurine to support performance.

The other half of DOMIN8 is where PVL has packed all of its energy and focus-increasing ingredients, starting with a solid 430mg of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and caffeine citrate. Alongside that is 250mg of the nootropic lion’s mane, 100mcg of huperzine a, another 250mg of theanine, and 600mg of tyrosine.

pvl domin8

As promised, PVL has launched DOMIN8 with some strong introductory deals, where you can save on its all-new pre-workout when shopping directly through its website. You can get a tube of 12 half servings of DOMIN8 for $29.99 in the one Arctic Blue Slush flavor, or a full-size tub of 40 servings, which is 20 maximum servings, at $59.99 in any of the product’s three flavors.

Both of those options above do not involve any deal or discount; that comes when purchasing two or three tubs of PVL’s DOMIN8. For a limited time at domin8.pvl.com, you can save $10 when buying two tubs of the comprehensive pre-workout plus a free towel, shaker, and 12 serving tube of DOMIN8. You can also grab three and pay only $45 per tub, plus all of those same freebies but a steel shaker instead of a traditional plastic one.