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G Fuel’s latest Resident Evil is getting a regular 40 serving version

regular maidens blood g fuel

Last week we posted about another collaboration between the gaming supplement leader G Fuel, and the latest entry in the Resident Evil video game franchise, Resident Evil Village. The two have come together to create a flavor called Maiden’s Blood, themed around the game’s main villain Alcina Dimitrescu and featuring an extra-large tub to play into the massive height of Dimitrescu.

It turns out there will, in fact, be a regular size version of the Resident Evil Village Maiden’s Blood G Fuel, with the usual 40 servings instead of 60. The cost of this product is obviously going to be lower than the extra tall Alcina Dimitrescu edition, which was $49.99, and it features a different label design with the same artwork seen on the cover of the actual Resident Evil Village video game.

According to G Fuel, its smaller 40 serving Maiden’s Blood will be available to pre-order tomorrow, while the original 60 serving was put up for pre-order last week and has since become sold out on the brand’s website.

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