Major ingredient companies to exhibit at the Stack3d Supplement Expo

stacker expo ingredient companies

To keep the momentum and excitement going as we get closer and closer to this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, we have another five companies to reveal for the online-exclusive event. So far, we’ve announced 25 brands in total, five each week over the past five weeks, including quality and reputable names such as Ghost, Glaxon, HR Labs, Arms Race Nutrition, Performax, and many more.

For this week’s exhibitor reveal, as mentioned, we have another five companies that’ll be at the expo, although these are not general supplement brands but ingredient companies that have become equally as popular. Nutrition21 will be at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, known for Nitrosigine and NooLVL, Chemi Nutra, the brand responsible for AlphaSize alpha-GPC, SerinAid, and Mediator, and NuLiv, the minds behind AstraGin and Senactiv.

The other two are Compound Solutions, known for many ingredients, including TeaCrine, Dynamine, goBHB, and CoreBiome, and the well-researched and high-quality bet-alanine brand, CarnoSyn. All of those companies will be on display at the Stack3d Supplement Expo in a little over a month for the week of June 14th, educating and informing on their vast selections of ingredients.