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JP Vegan Protein gets 10% more cost-effective in a new 2kg tub size

trained by jp nutrition 2kg vegan protein

The hard-working and ever-expanding supplement company from Jordan Peters, Trained By JP Nutrition, is at it again, with another development to share following the release of JP Whey ISO Pro. The latest from the brand isn’t a new product or additional flavor, but a second size for its plant-based protein powder, JP Vegan Protein, introduced in July of last year.

Since its debut, Trained By JP Nutrition’s JP Vegan Protein has come in only one size, and that is a 1kg tub packing a total of 25 servings, each with 50% more protein than most vegan proteins at 30g per serving. There is now a second size for plant-based fans to purchase, and of course, with that bigger, double-size tub is a slightly more cost-effective price tag.

While Trained By JP Nutrition’s original 1kg tub of JP Vegan Protein is £24.99 (35.42 USD), the larger 2kg tub doesn’t cost twice as much, coming in 10% cheaper at £44.99 (63.76 USD). The better value JP Vegan Protein is available from the brand’s website, and it comes in all of the same flavors; Chocolate Caramel Nut, Banoffee Pie, Vanilla Almond Chai.