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Jordan Peters permanently drops the price of his premium whey isolate

trained by jp nutrition jp whey iso

Jordan Peters’ brand Trained By JP Nutrition has gone and done something we don’t typically see from supplement companies on any level, and that is lower the price of a product. The brand has assured fans there is no change in the ingredients, dosages, or nutrition profile, just a straight, permanent drop in price, which again is an extreme rarity in the industry.

The supplement Trained By JP Nutrition has decided to lower the larger 2kg tub size of its more premium, whey isolate-based protein powder, JP Whey ISO. Instead of having its regular price at £51.99 (72.23 USD), for the foreseeable future, the brand has dropped the product significantly, down to £44.99 (62.51 USD), a saving of somewhere between 13 and 14%.

If you head to Trained By JP Nutrition’s website today, you can see that price change for all seven different flavors of JP Whey ISO and have no worry about the cost of the supplement going up anytime soon.