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Vilgain opens up its online store as it plans to expand into other parts of Europe

vilgain protein bar

Vilgain is a functional food and supplement brand out of the Czech Republic, with a clean, simple, and mainstream look and feel that appeals to a broach range of people. Most of Vilgain’s lineup comes under the functional food and protein snack categories, including items like Multigrain Bread, Beef Jerky, various nut butter, Pizza Base, 1 Minute Oats, and of course, the simply named Protein Bar.

Until recently, Vilgain was only marketed and available to health and fitness consumers in its home country of Czechia, although, for 2021, it has decided to expand well beyond that. A few months ago, the brand opened up its online store at and began taking orders from countries within the rest of Europe, focusing strongly on Italy, Denmark, and neighboring countries Germany and Austria.

vilgain cheat spread

Basically, if you live in Europe, you can now place an order and enjoy any of the products from Vilgain’s selection dominated by healthy functional foods and high-protein creations. The excitement for the brand doesn’t end there either, as it’s planning to follow up that massive expansion with flavor extensions to some of its many products and the addition of a few all-new items, including its first-ever beverage.

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