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Alpha Lion themes its next monthly limited flavors around the 4th Of July

alpha lion sams sauce star spangled banana

This Saturday, Alpha Lion is continuing its Pre-Workout Of The Month Series with more limited-edition flavors for two of its pre-workouts, and with 4th Of July right around the corner, they are patriotically themed. Like the first pair of monthly limited-time tastes, the flavors the brand has put together for July are one each for Superhuman Extreme and Superhuman Pump.

In typical Alpha Lion style, its latest Pre-Workout Of The Month Series creations have been given some creative names. There is Sam’s Sauce for the brand’s more intense stimulant pre-workout Superhuman Extreme, which is blueberry strawberry lemonade. The other limited flavor is iStar Spangled Bananer for the stimulant-free Superhuman Pump, which is a sweet candy banana recipe.

Alpha Lion will be launching its Sam’s Sauce Superhuman Extreme and Star Spangled Bananer Superhuman Pump this coming Saturday at precisely 3PM Pacific Time or 6PM Eastern through its website. Definitely be quick on this one; as the brand has noted, the last time it did limited-edition flavors for these same two supplements, they sold out in under a couple of hours.