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Alpha Lion introduces its limited edition Pre-Workout Of The Month Series

alpha lion pre-workout of the month

This coming Saturday, Alpha Lion is launching a new and unique, limited edition series that will reoccur every month, similar to what we saw from Black Market all those years ago, as well as BlenderBottle. The latest effort from Alpha Lion is the “Pre-Workout Of The Month” collection, where every month, the brand releases a pair of special edition flavors.

Alpha Lion’s two flavors for the Pre-Workout Of The Month series will each be for pre-workout supplements and be available on the 3rd day of the month at precisely 3PM Eastern Time. The brand is also only going to have them live on its website for 72 hours, giving you just three days to order, unless, of course, they completely sell out before then.

As mentioned, Alpha Lion is kicking off the Pre-Workout Of The Month line this Saturday, the 3rd of April, with a flavor for its stimulant formula Superhuman Extreme and another for its stimulant-free, Superhuman Pump. The flavor for the former is the cherry recipe Cherry Maguire, and for the latter, it is Swoleberry Limeade, which is strawberry limeade.

Alpha Lion has designed its Cherry Maguire Superhuman Extreme and Swoleberry Limeade Superhuman Pump to be stacked together for a complimenting flavor experience. It is also worth mentioning, Superhuman Extreme is not the same as the brand’s regular Superhuman pre-workout and will feature a formula more like last year’s Christmas Superhuman Extreme, including added yohimbine and EnXtra.