Superhuman Test also launching this Friday alongside Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Scorch

Jun 13th, 2021
alpha lion superhuman test

Yesterday we posted about Superhuman Scorch from Alpha Lion, an all-new, carnitine-based liquid format supplement, also featuring Mitoburn, GBB, and CaloriBurn grains of paradise, to support fat loss. It turns out; Scorch is not the only new product the brand has coming down the pipeline, this Friday, Alpha Lion is also releasing Superhuman Test.

The brand’s other upcoming supplement is, of course, a testosterone booster, featuring a variety of reliable and commonly used ingredients, a lot of them premium branded versions too. The combination aims to increase and enhance natural testosterone, libido, sex drive, and energy, as well as reduce cortisol and stress thanks to its 120mg of Shoden ashwagandha.

Alongside that dose of Shoden, Alpha Lion has also packed Superhuman Test with half a gram of TestoSurge fenugreek, boron, 200mg each of DIM and PrimeVie shilajit, 300mg of longjack, vitamin D3, and TRAACS chelated zinc at 30mg. All of that comes wrapped in a three capsule serving size, with the brand putting the usual 30 servings into a full-size bottle of the testosterone booster.

Once again, Alpha Lion is planning to drop its testosterone-boosting Superhuman Test this coming Friday, which is also when its liquid carnitine weight loss product Superhuman Scorch is arriving. You’ll be able to grab either or both of the supplements directly from the brand through its online store with no doubt some sort of introductory deal or discount.