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Seventh iteration of Apollon’s intense Assassin promises improved focus

apollon nutrition assassin v7

One of the many things the hardcore supplement brand Apollon Nutrition is known for is consistently and continuously evolving and improving its top-rated products. Over the years, we’ve seen several versions of the brand’s pre-workouts Hooligan, Assassin, and the stimulant-free Bare Knuckle, not to mention its fat burner Chaos and focus formula Overtime.

In about two weeks, Apollon Nutrition is releasing another sequel supplement, in version number seven of its potent and intense stimulant-powered pre-workout Assassin. The product is regularly regarded as one of the most hardcore entries in the competitive category, with the current edition featuring highlights such as isopropylnorsynephrine, eria jarensis, 2.5mg of alpha yohimbine, and a strong 600mg of caffeine.

Apollon Nutrition’s next iteration of Assassin is intended to be a better experience than its predecessor, like all of the sequels before it, with a lot of attention put on the focus and feeling side of the supplement. A couple of other notable changes for Assassin V7 is it will feature a different look and packaging, and it is going to have two tastes to choose from.

Once again, Apollon Nutrition is currently planning to have its latest version of Assassin out and available in about two weeks on Monday the 5th of July through its website. There will actually be a chance for loyal fans to get their hands on the product the day before, as Apollon’s gym has said it’ll have stock available for purchase on Sunday the 4th.