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Bio Tech adds another item to its growing list of upcoming supplements

bio tech nutra grass fed collagen

Over the past few weeks, Bio Tech Nutra has previewed two all-new supplements that are coming down the pipeline; both of them are quite important, belonging to popular and growing categories. There is Reds + Greens, a superfood product packed full of reds and greens ingredients, and the protein Bio Tech Protein launching in four different flavors.

Bio Tech Nutra has added yet another supplement to that list of upcoming items this week, although this one isn’t as advanced or complex as the others with Grass Fed Collagen. True to its name, the product is powered by grass-fed collagen, providing the usual types of collagen in collagen type I and III, and it will be unflavored for easier mixing in smoothies.

We’re still not sure when Bio Tech Nutra is planning to launch Reds + Greens, Bio Tech Protein, and now Grass Fed Collagen, only that they’re all coming soon. With that many supplements on the list, however, we don’t imagine the brand will keep adding to it, so there is a good chance we’ll see the full release of some or all three items sometime very soon.