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Limited White Chocolate flavor dropping this weekend for Combat Fuel’s protein

combat fuel white chocolate whey protein

At the moment, the UK brand Combat Fuel has a fair amount of flavors available for its whey-based protein powder, “Whey Protein”, six to be exact, including the traditional tastes, Chocolate and Vanilla. The other three slightly more creative options filling out the supplement’s menu are Strawberry, Banana, and Coffee, which are all about to be joined by flavor number six.

Combat Fuel has announced that this weekend, it is releasing another taste for Whey Protein with a Milky Bar-like White Chocolate, although this one is not going to be around forever. The brand has only produced a limited number of tubs of its White Chocolate Whey Protein, and once they’re gone, that is it, so be sure to get in as soon as it goes live on Combat Fuel’s website.