DVST8 Energy Drink Review: Inspired does not disappoint in its beverage debut

Jun 2nd, 2021

The DVST8 Energy Drink was recently released in Australia and New Zealand and is due to become available in Inspired’s original US market within the next month or so. The product is more of a performance beverage than your typical anytime energy drink, combining 200mg of caffeine, tyrosine, B vitamins, a gram of betaine, and a full 3.2g of beta-alanine to support endurance.


Inspired’s DVST8 Energy Drink has hit the market in four zero-calorie flavors with Strawberry Champagne, Lime, Peach Mango, and Fairy Floss, all of which we managed to get our hands on for review. With the energy drink category growing month by month, welcoming more and more competitors, we have to say Inspired’s entry is a solid effort and better than most of the releases we’ve tried recently.

All flavors of the DVST8 Energy Drink have a consistent amount of carbonation, right around the amount you’d want for a boost of energy, where it’s not too much and not too little. Another interesting consistency in the Inspired beverage is the flavors have a similar distinguishable, background sweetness that keeps the experience familiar regardless of which one you’re drinking.

It is that sweetness that doesn’t really allow for the title flavors to shine through as much as we’d like, but at the same time, it is a consistency you can enjoy, rely on, and it almost guarantees if you like one flavor, you’ll like them all. As for the actual taste of each of the DVST8 Energy Drink flavors, Inspired delivers on all of their names, with none of them disappointing and all finished down to the last drop.

dvst8 energy drink review

The Lime DVST8 Energy Drink is an on-point and enjoyable lime taste, even if you’re not a fan of the tart fruit itself, while Peach Mango also comes through with a fruity flavor that is slightly more sweet and refreshing flavor.

Strawberry Champagne is our least favorite of the lot as it’s tough to pick up on the exact flavors it communicates. Lastly, you have Fairy Floss, the strongest of the bunch, hitting you with a thick and sweet, cotton candy taste that ended up being one of our two favorites alongside Peach Mango.

dvst8 energy drink review


Inspired has indeed done a great job with its first-ever energy drink, giving you the energizing benefits you’d expect from its simple but more functional formula and a flavor experience you can enjoy. As always, taste is king when it comes to energy drinks, and the DVST8 Energy Drink certainly has enough to please the Inspired fan base, coming through with plenty of flavor for a strong start in the category.