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Creative company Fit Kit releases a tasty, two-flavor, high-protein spread

fit kit protein cream duo

The hugely popular functional brand Fit Kit from Russia, which makes some impressively creative and high-protein snacks and treats, has added another item to its catalog. The latest from the colorful company is a little more common than what we’re used to seeing from it in a smooth, two-flavor spread, and in typical Fit Kit style, it is high in protein.

Fit Kit has called its tasty-looking spread “Protein Cream Duo”, with “Duo” in relation to that two-flavor approach we mentioned, where the spread itself has a twist of two colors and tastes in hazelnut and white chocolate. The brand has added whey concentrate to the spread to give it that high protein, and to keep it a somewhat clean treat; it has no added sugar.

There is only one flavor available for Fit Kit’s Protein Cream Duo to start, featuring that two-color twirl of hazelnut and white chocolate. We imagine if the product does well, the Russian brand will expand its menu, as it’s done with other items in its lineup. The promising Protein Cream Duo is due to be available in stores soon in two jar sizes, 180g and 530g.