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Traditional Fruit Punch flavor coming to Pre-Kaged Sport this Monday

fruit punch pre kaged sport

Earlier this week, Kaged Muscle dropped a teaser hinting at another flavor of its more mainstream, less comprehensive stimulant pre-workout Pre-Kaged Sport. It turns out our suspicions were correct, and the third option for that supplement is what the brand was teasing, and now to build some excitement for its upcoming Monday launch, the flavor has been revealed.

Kaged Muscle’s Pre-Kaged Sport originally hit the market in the one Mango Lime flavor, then shortly after about two months later, the brand added another taste to its menu in Glacier Grape. The newest member of the menu that’ll be available through Kaged’s online store this coming Monday is one of the more traditional pre-workout flavors in Fruit Punch.

Currently, through Kaged Muscle’s website Pre-Kaged Sport costs $19.99 for a tub of 20 servings, which is a lot lower than the original Pre-Kaged, although, as mentioned, it is a simpler, more mainstream pre-workout. We have to imagine that’ll remain the price for the Fruit Punch Pre-Kaged Sport when it becomes available in four days.