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Ghost packs full dosages of reliable focus and hydration ingredients into Ghost Focus

ghost focus

To continue the hype and build-up towards Ghost’s highly anticipated launch of its fourth collaboration with Christian Guzman, today, it has shared the formula behind the all-new supplement from the series. That supplement is Ghost Focus, which is releasing next Wednesday alongside an alternative version of Ghost Legend and a Lemon Butter Cake Ghost Whey.

Ghost Focus is Ghost and Christian Guzman’s focus-enhancing product that, unlike other supplements from the brand promising focus benefits, does not include any caffeine. Of course, coming from Ghost, the product includes a variety of reliable ingredients and dosages to get the job done, with 25 full servings per tub, so 25% more than you get in Ghost Gamer.

ghost focus

The star ingredients in the upcoming Ghost Focus include a gram of taurine, 1.5g of tyrosine, a solid 2g of acetyl-l-carnitine, and half a gram each of Aquamin and coconut water for hydration. There is also a full 600mg of alpha-GPC and half a gram of premium Cognizin citicoline to really push the title effect, and lastly, 50mg of AstraGin to improve absorption.

Ghost Focus is a well-rounded, robust formula, and as mentioned, it is stimulant-free, giving those that like to have some energizing stimulants with their nootropic the ability to add that in at their preferred level. Once again, Ghost Focus is launching next Wednesday through the brand’s official online store alongside its other two Christian Guzman collaborations.