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Ghost adds and increases several ingredients for Guzman’s fourth Ghost Legend

christian guzman v4 ghost legend

Ghost has shared the formula behind the pre-workout in its upcoming fourth collaboration with Christian Guzman, which is a series of supplements this time around. There are three products making up Ghost and Guzman’s latest partnership with Lemon Butter Cake Ghost Whey, a Lemon Ghost Legend, and the all-new supplement, Ghost Focus.

Like the three other versions of Ghost Legend Christian Guzman has teamed up with Ghost to create over the past few years, the fourth one will feature an alternative formula. It is still a stimulant-based pre-workout aiming for a comprehensive and balanced blend of benefits, although the ingredients powering that experience are not like any other Legend.

For Christian Guzman’s Ghost Legend, the original lifestyle brand has essentially taken the regular version of Ghost Legend and packed more, in almost all areas. You get 50% more citrulline with 1.48g of that coming from a full 2g of NO3-T citrulline nitrate, twice as much tyrosine, taurine, and alpha-GPC at 2g, 2g, and 600mg respectively, and 20% more caffeine.

christian guzman v4 ghost legend

There are some ingredients the same, including 50mg of the performance enhancing Senactiv, 50mg of AstraGin for absorption, and 100mg of theobromine. You don’t get any beta-alanine or Nitrosigine in Christian Guzman’s fourth Ghost Legend, however to make up for that, Ghost has thrown in bitter orange and 2.5g of betaine, and those many other increases.

Overall, this version of Ghost Legend is indeed loaded, which certainly seems to have been the goal. The extra caffeine should elevate the energy a bit more, and the boosted dosages and added NO3-T should equally lift the focus and pumps. The supplement will be available on Wednesday of next week exclusively through Ghost’s online store.