Glaxon honors Specimen Yoyo by celebrating National Yo-Yo Day

Jun 4th, 2021
glaxon celebrates yo yo day

For those that didn’t know, this coming Sunday, the 6th of June, is National Yo-Yo Day, and to celebrate, Glaxon is connecting it to its similarly named supplement. That supplement is, of course, the reputable brand’s stimulant pre-workout Specimen Yoyo, which is separate from the regular Specimen thanks to its more intense stimulant ingredients, including yohimbine and alpha yohimbine, hence the name, Yoyo.

The way Glaxon has decided to celebrate National Yo-Yo Day is by throwing in a free custom branded yo-yo with all orders over $50 through its website on the day. While Specimen Yoyo is the reason the brand is running the sale, you don’t need to purchase it to get the freebie. There is no coupon or code required; simply head to the brand’s online store this Sunday and place your order to score that limited edition yo-yo.

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