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Got7 Nutrition makes its own high-protein and low-fat sausage

got7 nutrition protein sausages

German functional brand Got7 Nutrition has always been known to put together delicious and creative high-protein and low-sugar treats, from its amazing KitKat-like Bahia Bar to its crunchy chip snacks. This week the company has taken things a bit further and put together something we have never seen before in the functional and sports nutrition industry.

The latest Got7 Nutrition product is Protein Sausages or Protein Bratwurst and Bockwurst, which are different types of German sausages. We don’t have the exact macros for the functional foods, only that the sausages are higher in protein than ordinary ones and are also low in fat and sugar. They come in cans of half a dozen and tip the scales at 50g a piece.

As mentioned, Got7 Nutrition has two types of Protein Sausages, Bratwurst and Bockwurst; both are traditional pork sausages featuring different spices, textures, and overall appearance. The product is available for order by all of the brand’s usual retailers in Europe, so you can expect to see the Protein Sausages in stores and on shelves soon.