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Happy Way promises a lighter experience in its energy formula Charge Up

happy way charge up

Australian brand Happy Way has reformulated and relaunched its energy-increasing pre-workout supplement Charge Up. The product promises a less intense experience than what the brand refers to as “terribly harsh pre-workout mixes”. When you see the formula behind the supplement below, you’ll understand, as there is definitely not much in this one.

The ingredients and dosages Happy Way’s new Charge Up features make it look more like an energy-enhanced hybrid amino. The brand has packed it with a variety of vitamins and minerals, a light 980mg of BCAAs, half a gram of carnitine, 1.5g of glutamine, and a gram of arginine. There is a thermogenic blend in there as well, including green tea, guarana, green coffee bean, and ginseng, providing caffeine at 51mg per serving.

happy way charge up

As mentioned, there are a lot of aminos in Happy Way’s revamped Charge Up, with only a handful of ingredients to support the pre-workout or energy side of things. It definitely doesn’t compare to some of the more complete and fully dosed pre-workouts on the market, even the lighter stimulant options, although the brand did say it’s intended to be a less harsh energy solution.

Considering what’s in the product, its price is relatively high at $69.95 (52.98 USD) for a can of 30 servings through Happy Way’s website, which is much more than what you’d pay for similar energy amino hybrids such as Optimum Nutrition’s BCAA Boost. Charge Up does have several flavors to choose from, five in total, with Pineapple, Mango, Watermelon, Green Apple, and Dragonfruit.