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Inspired opens its Prestige Series pre-ordering for the Stack3d Expo

inspired dvst8 prestige series pre-order

A few weeks ago, Inspired let fans subscribed to its insider group, the Collective Conscious, pre-order its all-new Prestige Series versions of the pre-workout DVST8 and stimulant-free pre-workout, FSU. Both supplements feature a solid 6g of the new ingredient blend 3D Pump and premium NO3-T betaine nitrate, so regardless of which way you go, they’ll certainly improve muscle pumps.

For this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, Inspired is opening up pre-orders to everyone else, and similar to when the Collective Conscious got a crack at the products, there is a way to save some money. Whether you’re grabbing the Prestige Series DVST8 or FSU, also known as DVST8 Global and FSU Dyehard, you can save 25% during the Stack3d Expo and the brand is throwing in freebies.

During the Stack3d Supplement Expo, everything on the brand’s website is 25% off, which drops DVST8 Global and FSU Dyehard down to $30 each. Where the freebies come in is if your order goes over $50, you get a free shaker bottle; those that go beyond $100 get the shaker and a tee; then finally, fans that purchase $150 worth of product get the shaker, tee, and a supplement of their choice.

The promotion is certainly worth getting in on, especially for fans of Inspired, and keep in mind; those freebies are earned after the discount is factored in, so you’ll need to spend $200 to hit the top tier. For more information on the brand’s strong sale and Prestige Series products DVST8 and FSU, head over to its Stack3d Supplement Expo booth in the South Hall.

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