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Inspired also puts NO3-T and 3D-Pump into its Prestige Series version of FSU

inspired fsu dyehard

FSU Dyehard is Inspired’s other all-new Prestige Series supplement made available to pre-order yesterday for members of its Collective Conscious group, which has since ended. It came alongside DVST8 Global, a balanced and comprehensive pre-workout with some solid dosages and impressive highlights, and a formula that is somewhat similar to FSU Dyehard.

Inspired’s Prestige Series version of FSU shares some key features with DVST8 Global, although if you’re a fan of the brand and FSU, you’ll know the clear difference between the two. FSU is Inspired’s stimulant-free pre-workout, and while it can stack with stimulant-based products, it is equally built to be taken on its own to enhance muscle pumps and performance.

Just like DVST8 Global, Inspired’s FSU Dyehard has 2g of NO3-T betaine nitrate and a full 6g of the 3D-Pump blend of citrulline, glycerol, and amla fruit. To further improve pumps, there is also 300mg of pine bark, pink Himalayan salt and NutriGP minerals to support hydration, and lastly, regular betaine, although at a higher dose than DVST8 Global with 2g per serving.

It is interesting to note that this version of FSU, puts more attention and includes more ingredients for pumps and performance, especially with the premium features, NO3-T and 3D-Pump. The original FSU covered you on pumps and performance too, but also mental focus with key and reliably dosed ingredients like Neurofactor, tyrosine, and lion’s mane.

As mentioned, Inspired opened up pre-ordering for FSU Dyehard as well as DVST8 Global yesterday for the same price at $39.99 each, which was discounted for the Collective Conscious to $28. The supplement is expected to arrive sometime in July and will have 20 full servings per tub with three flavors in Sonoran Sunset, Malibu Breeze, and a stackable Unflavored.