Refreshing Mango Lemon flavor joins GAAM BCAA’s menu for the summer

Jun 3rd, 2021
lemon mango gaam bcaa

House brand GAAM Nutrition from Swedish supplement retailer Proteinbolaget, has released a special edition summer flavor for its straightforward amino product, GAAM BCAA. The supplement does indeed feature BCAAs at a reasonable 8g per serving with a rather rare 6:1:1 ratio, and there is an additional 4g of glutamine, giving you a solid total of 12g of aminos.

The new flavor Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition have come up with for GAAM BCAA is Mango Lemon, which, as mentioned, is a limited-time flavor for summer. To make it that extra bit special, the brand has given the product an alternative label design, as you can see in the image above, and it is available now through Proteinbolaget’s website at 149 kr (17.99 USD) a tub.

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