Upcoming protein snack from MAN Sports makes some strong promises

Jun 18th, 2021
man sports podcast protein bar and vegan protein

In this week’s interview on the Stack3d Supplement Podcast, we sit down and chat with Alex McCray from the past Brand Of The Year winner and two-time Protein Wars champion, MAN Sports. We touched on many topics, including, of course, its massive rebrand that took place over the past year; however, it turns out the brand has even more excitement on the horizon.

Alex McCray has revealed that MAN Sports is working on a protein snack, or what it’s referring to as a snack bar, which will be moderately high in protein, somewhere around the 15g mark. The brand promises the product to be one of the best tasting functional treats you’ll find, as it’s designed to be flavor first rather than delivering the leanest nutrition profile it can.

We’re definitely excited to see how the MAN Sports protein snack turns out, not only because of the hype the brand is putting behind it but also because it’ll be the first edible item we’ve seen from MAN. There are other products the brand has coming soon, including the launch of its more intense BrainBridge Elevate and a vegan protein under its wellness brand Nutritox.

To check out the full interview with MAN Sports’ Alex McCray and everything else we talked about, head to a podcast platform like iTunes, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, and check out the latest episode on the Stack3d Supplement Podcast.