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Metabolic follows Hydra EAA with a preview of its whey isolate ISO PWDR

metabolic nutrition iso pwdr

Metabolic Nutrition is another brand that’s teasing and revealing new supplements it plans on dropping soon, with its recently previewed Hydra EAA not being the only item it has coming down the pipeline. We actually only posted about Hydra EAA earlier today, which is a packed-out amino product featuring a hefty 18.15g of aminos, including BCAAs, EAAs, and glutamine.

Following on from that first look at Hydra EAA, Metabolic Nutrition has dropped a shot of an upcoming protein powder in ISO PWDR, providing a lean 26g of protein per serving from premium whey isolate. We don’t know the rest of the supplement’s macros just yet, but with a serving tipping the scales at 30g and 26g of that protein, the rest will be in and around the 1g mark.

ISO PWDR won’t be Metabolic Nutrition’s first-ever protein powder, with Protizyme and MuscLean being a couple of its past releases, so the brand does have experience in the category. Much like Hydra EAA, we’re unsure when ISO PWDR is hitting shelves, although both have been pictured in finished tubs and labels, so we don’t imagine they’re too far away.