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Toasted Almond returns to Muscle Sport’s Lean Whey menu for Father’s Day

muscle sport toasted almond lean whey isolate returns

Later today, at precisely 5PM Eastern Time, Muscle Sport is bringing back one of the two limited-edition flavors it dropped in August of last year for one of its popular protein powders in Lean Whey Isolate. The two creative flavors the brand released in that month were Mint Chip Ice Cream and Toasted Almond, although as mentioned, only one is being brought back this week.

The returning flavor for Muscle Sport’s Lean Whey Isolate is Toasted Almond, promising the same sort of taste and experience, but just like last time, it will only be around for a limited time. Once again, the brand is bringing back its Toasted Almond Lean Whey Isolate at exactly 5PM Easter Time through its website, so be sure to check in around then to secure yourself a tub.