Muscletech shares at sneak peek at Whey + Muscle Builder at the Stack3d Expo

muscletech whey muscle builder

Muscletech is one of the many brands in the top-level North Hall at this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, where it has put together a great-looking booth filled with content, discount, and excitement. There is a quick video going over the stack Superman actor and Muscletech Chief Creative Director Henry Cavil uses and a coupon code to get $10 off $50 worth of Muscletech supplements at GNC.

Also included on Muscletech’s Stack3d Expo booth is a sneak peek at an all-new product it has coming down the pipeline for the ever-competitive protein powder market. The upcoming supplement is named Whey + Muscle Builder, and from the fractions of the packaging we can see, it appears to be a protein powder powered by whey and infused with creatine for additional muscle-building benefits.

Muscletech hasn’t included any other details about Whey + Muscle Builder on its page or in the teaser image, but as mentioned, it is due to launch soon, so the rest of its details shouldn’t be too far away. To get a closer look at the product at everything else the brand has brought to the Stack3d Supplement Expo, head to the North Hall at

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