Clear Whey Isolate from Myprotein gets five refreshing flavors for summer

Jun 18th, 2021
myprotein blood orange clear whey isolate

The hugely popular brand Myprotein has introduced a bunch of refreshing new flavors for its clear, fruit-themed protein powder Clear Whey Isolate, which already had several tastes to choose from. Some of the many options you could find the supplement in, include Cranberry & Raspberry, Rainbow Candy, Pink Grapefruit, Mojito, and Mango & Coconut.

Myprotein has a total of five new flavors for Clear Whey Isolate, some of them similar to previous releases with Orange, Blood Orange, Pineapple, White Peach, and Apple. As mentioned, some of those are similar to options already on the protein powder’s menu; in fact, a couple of the additions are similar to each other, in, of course, Orange and Blood Orange.

All five of Myprotein’s tasty new Clear Whey Isolate flavors pack the supplement’s usual 20g of protein per serving, with the rest of the nutrition profile being incredibly lean at only 100mg of fat, 300mg of sugar, and 90 calories. The products are available now through the brand’s international online store at for £21.99 (30.50 USD) a tub.