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Obvi turns two and celebrates with the return of Birthday Cupcakes

obvi birthday cupcakes returns

Obvi is another supplement company celebrating its birthday this week, and similar to last year, it has brought back its special edition, celebratory birthday cake-themed flavor. Fans of Obvi will remember in 2020, the brand turned one year old, and with that came the launch of a Birthday Cupcakes flavor of its flagship product, Super Collagen Protein.

The second coming of Obvi’s special edition flavor is only going to be around for a limited time like it was last year, with the brand aiming to keep it around through until the end of the month. The celebratory supplement will cost you Obvi’s usually, slightly higher price of $44.99 per tub on its website, although it is also running a sale for its birthday.

For a limited time, Obvi fans can use the coupon code “BIRTHDAY” over at and get themselves a discount of 12%, and from what we can see, that applies to everything in the brand’s online store.

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