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New flavors come to Olimp’s decadent Protein Snack but only for a limited time

olimp salted caramel protein snack

Protein Snack is Olimp’s low-sugar, high-protein product that puts 19g of protein into a delicious, crumbly, and decadent chocolate-coated biscuit to enjoy on the go. While it does have a good amount of protein and only a gram of sugar per snack, it is quite high in calories, with its 23g of fat pushing it to a total of 325, which is a lot more than your average protein bar.

Olimp launched Protein Snack at the beginning of last year, introducing it in two flavors with Double Chocolate and Hazelnut Cream. Since that debut, the Polish brand had not added any more options to its menu until now. This month Olimp is rolling out two more tastes for the enjoyable protein treat, although both of them are only going to be available for a limited time.

The special edition options for the Olimp Protein Snack that are out now in Europe are Salted Caramel and Cookie, both featuring the product’s same 19g of protein per snack and impressively low amount of sugar.