PES looks to support regularity in its psyllium husk supplement Regulate-GI

Jun 1st, 2021
pescience regulate gi

Over the past few years, reputable brand PEScience has gradually added to its lineup, expanding into many new areas of the industry and reaching many categories it wasn’t already in. Today we have details on another new supplement for fans of PES, and similar to a few of the products we saw from it in 2020, this one is relatively straightforward, featuring the one main ingredient.

Regulate-GI is the latest creation from PEScience, formulated to support bowel regularity, hence the name. The supplement is powered by organic psyllium husk powder, included at a dose of 1.5g in a three capsule serving, which is half a gram in each. The brand suggests different dosages depending on your situation, recommending anywhere from two to nine capsules a day.

While nine does sound like a lot of capsules, PEScience has put a lot into Regulate-GI, with 200, so at nine a day, you’ll only get about 22 servings from a bottle, although if two suits fine, you’re looking at 100 servings. The supplement is now available from the brand’s website, and it’s not all that expensive, coming in at $16.99 a bottle, and that is without any sale or discount.

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