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PharmaFreak hints at a hybrid version of its popular superfood supplement

pharmafreak teases greens freak plus

Since the start of the year, PharmaFreak has been on a hybrid streak of sorts, teasing, revealing, and releasing supplements with multiple categories. The brand’s Red Label Series is intended to be all about that, promising a selection of products that bring together two types of supplements the brand’s CEO Alex Savva regularly combines himself.

One of the products PharmaFreak has taken a hybrid angle with is VitaFreak, blending a variety of vitamins and minerals with ingredients to also support and improve your quality of sleep. The ever-evolving brand now looks to be infusing its superfood supplement Greens Freak with another category, with a teaser of something called Greens Freak+.

In Pharmafreak’s typical teaser fashion, it has not said anything about the “+” in “Greens Freak+”, although it very clearly means it’ll offer more or at least something additional compared to the original Greens Freak. It is certainly going to be interesting to see what approach the brand takes on this one, even more so knowing the regular version is already quite complete.

For those unfamiliar with PharmaFreak’s Greens Freak, it features a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, immune health, and liver support ingredients. Basically, whatever the brand is adding for its upcoming Greens Freak+, it will need to be something outside of everything in the original formula.