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Protein World continues its momentum with a Tropical flavor of its pre-workout

protein world tropical pre-workout

The colorful UK brand Protein World, which has been in our headlines almost every week it seems for the past couple of months, strikes the news again with another flavor extension. While most of the brand’s releases have been going to its protein powder Slender Blend, this time around, it is for something else in Protein World’s category-named “Pre-Workout”.

Protein World’s Pre-Workout is now available in a refreshing Tropical flavor, driven by the summery sweet taste of pineapple. The supplement itself doesn’t feature an overly complex formula with basic but well-dosed ingredients. Each full serving includes 4g of BCAAs, 3g of acetyl-l-carnitine, a gram of tyrosine, 200mg of caffeine, and a handful of other compounds.

The new addition to Protein World’s menu takes it to a total of three, and it is available now through its online store at £23.99 (33.51 USD) for a bag of 25 full servings.

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