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Protein World drops a Tutti Frutti flavor for Pride Month and is donating the proceeds

protein world tutti frutti slender blend

The consistently expanding and releasing lifestyle supplement company Protein World from the UK, is back in the headlines again after dropping seven new products in the past couple of months. Like most of the drops we’ve seen from the brand, its latest effort is indeed another flavor extension of its lean meal replacement shaker, Slender Blend.

Protein World has put together a flavor called Tutti Frutti, which is a fruity combination of mango, pineapple, and coconut. As you can see in the image above, the product also features an alternative label design with the LGBTQ Pride flag in the background. That design is, of course, in support of LGBTQ Pride Month, and the brand is giving back from it.

Proceeds from the sale of Protein World’s Tutti Frutti Slender Blend will be donated to the LGBTQ+ charity Outline. If you’d like to purchase the newest flavor of the meal replacement supplement, head to the brand’s online store, where a bag of Slender Blend will cost you £49.99, or £29.99 with its half month, full month, or two monthly subscription options.