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G Fuel drops a new flavor to go with the release of Namco’s latest game

scarlet nexus brain drive g fuel

G Fuel is back and at it again this week, releasing another flavor put together in partnership with another brand, company, or individual. This time around, the leader of the gaming supplement category has teamed up with Bandai Namco, which it has done before. The first time G Fuel and Bandai Namco came together was for a special edition flavor called Type O and themed around the game Code Vein.

For G Fuel’s latest Bandai Namco collaboration, it has created a pineapple, guava, and citrus recipe called “Brain Drive”, and it is based on another video game from the entertainment giant. The Brain Drive G Fuel is themed around the role-playing game Scarlet Nexus, which officially launched today, so it’s great timing on G Fuel’s part to announce the flavor, although you will be waiting a while to try it.

The Brain Drive G Fuel for Bandai Namco’s Scarlet Nexus is now available to order from the G Fuel website, although it is only a pre-order, and the wait is long. The gaming supplement brand is saying Brain Drive won’t be shipping for another couple of months, somewhere in September.

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