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Sneak expanding its Millions partnership with an authentic Millions Cola flavor

sneak generations millions cola

In 2020, UK gaming brand Sneak teamed up with the iconic candy brand Millions for two special edition flavors of its flagship gaming supplement with Millions Bubblegum and Millions Strawberry. The brand took the collaboration beyond just the taste and gave each of them their own unique label design and a well-communicated, nostalgic marketing campaign to top it off.

This Friday, Sneak is expanding that family of authentic Millions flavors and welcoming one more to the menu in Millions Cola. The products will, of course, feature all of the same ingredients and dosages as the supplement’s other flavors to support energy and focus. As for the flavor, it’ll be aiming for something similar to that original Millions cola candy experience.

Sneak’s authentic collaboration Millions Cola will be online for pre-order this Friday, and unlike the brand’s first partnership products with the candy company, Cola will only be around for a limited time. We’re not exactly sure when Sneak plans to begin shipping pre-orders of Millions Cola, although it is quite an efficient brand, so don’t expect to be waiting too long.

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