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Vyomax follows its compact protein shot with an on-the-go plant protein snack

vyomax plant based vegan protein bar

Vyomax Nutrition has dropped another new product, following its recently released Protein Shot, squeezing 24g of protein from collagen into a compact and convenient 60ml, Orange & Peach-flavored shot. The UK brand’s latest effort is another on-the-go item, although instead of being a beverage, this one is a snack in the traditional protein bar format.

Plant Based Vegan Protein Bar is Vyomax Nutrition’s all-new product, and as its name says, it is indeed a vegan-friendly protein snack providing 17g of lean plant-based protein per bar. The rest of its macros are, as mentioned, relatively lean, which isn’t always the case with vegan snacks, at 14g of carbohydrates, 11g of that sugar, 6g of fat, for a total of 185.

Vyomax Nutrition powers its Plant Based Vegan Protein Bar with a blend of plant protein sources in rice and pea isolate. Some of its other key ingredients are cocoa powder, real dark chocolate pieces, and the sweetener sucralose. Like its Protein Shot, you can grab Vyomax’s protein bar from its website at a very reasonable £17 (23.48 USD) for a box of 12